General Wellness

Services- Diet and Nutrition- Dog eating

Diet & Nutrition

Proper diet and nutrition can help your pet fight against disease, maintain a proper weight, and promote the overall well-being of your pet.
Services- Dentistry- Poodle with toothbrush


Annual dental exams and cleanings are recommended to protect your pet from many health problems and help them maintain a healthy and clean mouth.
Services- Parasite control

Parasite Control (Fleas, Ticks & Heartworms)

Parasites such as fleas and ticks can be very damaging to your pet’s health. Preventive measures should be taken year-round to inhibit potential outbreaks.
Services- Wellness-Cat in exam room

Wellness & Preventive Care

Annual wellness exams evaluate your pets overall health, detect problems before they become serious, and keep them on track to live a long, healthy life.


Preventative care is an important aspect in maintaining your pet’s health. Proper vaccination is vital in protecting them against harmful diseases.


Microchip identification is the most reliable way to reunite lost pets with their owners.
Services- Grooming- Bath dog with rubber duck


We offer same-day baths to our patients, which include a nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. We also offer nail dremeling and sanitary trims.

Medical Boarding

Our facility offers medical boarding as well as day boarding only. To ensure your pet’s safety, we require all pets to be current on vaccines before being admitted for boarding;

Diagnostic Services



We’re equipped to perform routine radiography services to identify many types of illness or injury when pets are sick or suffer a trauma.

Diagnostic Ultrasounds

An ultrasound is a highly useful tool when evaluating heart conditions, internal organs, cysts and tumors, and diagnosing pregnancy.
Services- EKG


We use electrocardiography to measure and evaluate the electrical activity of the heart to diagnose potential heart conditions your pet may suffer from.
Services- In house lab- Blood draw with Jenna and Lauren 2

In-House Laboratory

Diagnostic testing can identify problems your pet may be experiencing so that proper treatment can begin before a condition worsens.

Surgery Services


Spay & Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet can help them live a longer, healthier life, minimize behavior problems, and help control the population of unwanted dogs and cats.

Soft Tissue Surgery

We perform soft tissue surgery for a number of medical reasons. This common surgery can be used for most anything non-joint or bone related.

Regenerative Medicine

Services- Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Actistem Therapy is a same day, affordable, all-natural option for pets suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, soft tissue injuries, and more.
Services- PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

Platelet- Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a non-surgical and advanced means of providing high doses of the body's own healing factors directly to the area where they are needed.

Reproduction Services

Services- Labor and Delivery- Flirt and pups

Labor & Delivery

If your pet is pregnant or you are planning for pregnancy, consult with our doctors to have the right delivery plan.

Artificial Insemination for Pets

Artificial insemination is an alternative way to breed animals. Our veterinarian practice can help you determine if artificial insemination is the best method of reproduction for your pet.

End of Life Care



Euthanizing a pet is not an easy decision. We are here to discuss options and assist in every way we can during this difficult time.
Services- Cremation- Urn and Flowers


There are a number of wonderful ways to memorialize your beloved pet. Cremation can be a lovely way to honor and celebrate their lives.